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In Did You See This? on May 20, 2020 at 4:35 pm

Honestly if the world weren’t going to hell in a hand basket I’d almost admit to it not being too bad.

I’ve organized my little shop a bit

Hard to believe how excited I got about finding a box of coat hooks.

I finally got around to making a penny stove.

I fletched my first arrow

I got to pull out the microscope & dental tools and fix my daughter’s chain- picked up the scope at a garage sale several years ago. When you need it you need it.

Made a bunch of YouTube videos – the stove made from a couple of pop cans like the fletching this is the first time I cut arrows

Modified some remainder bin arrows…

Cast and loaded something like 500 shotgun slugs

Added something to the community of reloaders and and

Sharpened scissors for my sweetheart

And got to dress the way I want to- 2 kinds of plaid and meggings. How did I find the time to do all this you ask? I got kicked off of FB.

Small Part Rust Removal

In Did You See This? on August 11, 2018 at 6:47 pm

So I’m looking to clean up this thread pitch gauge and whimsically decide to try CLR which was taking forever. Decided to drop the jar in the ultrasonic and the gunk just jumped off the piece. The folks at one of the amateur gunsmith sites thought it was ingenious.

If you can’t be handsome, be handy.

In Be a Guy, Did You See This?, Tool Kit on August 7, 2018 at 10:50 pm

True story…

Wednesday my buddy sends me this picture.

And asks if I know what it is…

Which I don’t. It fell off his kitchen faucet hose.

And he follows up with “do you know any plumbers….”

And that night I’m up under the sink…

Thursday I’m on line

Friday I’m back under the sink and don’t ask…

But the faucet is working.

Sunday I’m over there to eat dinner and he mentions the dishwasher still isn’t getting water, but he has a plumber coming on Monday.. and I holler at one of his sons and get back under the sink and turn that valve..

And over dinner Peter tells my girlfriend about how well he set me up.

You know what they say?

If you can’t be handsome, be handy…

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