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Join The 30/30 Challenge!

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From the track to the trail, we’re challenging you to cover 30 miles in 30 days. Get ready to go the distance and you could win a $100 Under Armour gift card! Check out the full rules and prizes.

Drew Diaz

Hand of a Superhero

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Jesus Weeps- If I can string a lacrosse stick, tie on a fishing lure, repair firearms and build the city of the future I can do this.

I don’t have a 3D printer but i could assemble, adjust or repair these.

“State-of-the-art prosthetic replacements are complicated medical devices, powered by batteries and electronic motors, and they can cost thousands of dollars. Even if children are able to manage the equipment, they grow too quickly to make the investment practical. So most do without, fighting to do with one hand what most of us do with two.

E-nable, an online volunteer organization, aims to change that. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Jon Schull, the group matches children like Dawson in need of prosthetic hands and fingers with volunteers able to make them on 3-D printers. Designs may be downloaded into the machines at no charge, and members who create new models share their software plans freely with others.

The materials for a 3-D-printed prosthetic hand can cost as little as $20 to $50, and some experts say they work just as well, if not better, than much costlier devices. Best of all, boys and girls usually love their D.I.Y. prognostics.”

Before I had children, actually maybe before i married,  I  built a prosthesis lab at HSS. When they moved into the new space they brought hundreds of child sized legs; i thought it was sort of morbid until it was explained that these were units kids had grown out of and were awaiting new users. It was sad.

A little later I did a major security upgrade at the UN where there were pictures of children, who’s appendages had been hacked off, from the Sierra Leone area with bush made prosthesis. I couldn’t get over a child with a piece of inner tube to which a serving spoon had been riveted.

A few years ago I was running a lacrosse clinic. I made a run to 7-11 for a smoke and a coffee and came charging back for the last age group of the day. Grab my stick, step out on the field and I’m inventorying the 1st graders for names on their helmets and equipment. I pause to ask one boy why he only had one glove on and he says “because I only have one hand” as he waves a rubber prosthetic at me…. It was gut wrenching.


Still Alice

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Well I won’t engage in my usual smart-assery and quip that I saw it but can’t remember if I liked it…

A well made and consequently brutal movie…

Moore is convincing as the smartest kid in the room.

Oh and Alec Baldwin has a head the size of a chowder pot

I’m on a project now in a geriatric center  and more than ever I agree with my sentiment I’ll end it first.

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