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2nd City Patterns

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Misunderstood Fashion

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The homecoming queen of Mesopotamia High, an adventurous princess of impeccable breeding and looks, spent a randy afternoon with her BFF’s boyfriend.
A little bondage, a little erotic asphyxiation & a lot of fellatio.
Her scant clothes were laying in pieces all over the house when she realized he was IMing pictures of her to BFF.
Furious she grabbed a clean sheet and stalked out after motherfucking him a few times.
She covered her head and face to hide her sweat matted hair, the marks on her throat, her bee stung lips and the blush that kept covering her face when she thought of the games they had played. She made sure to hide the ligature abrasions on her wrists and ankles.
The paparazzi camped outside the castle recognized her and posted pictures of her novel dress- which soon went viral.

Soon all the girls mimicked the look & their mother’s disapproved- for a while- and then embraced it.


LIRR Observations, Chic to Freak

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There was a young woman opposite me on the train this morning w/ a unique nail style. I believe it’s French Polish when the tips are white? The different part was the moons at the base above the cuticle were painted black. In her world I guess that’s chic- from my vantage it looks like a blood blister from banging her finger with a hammer. Is this outside her experience?


There is a 300# woman squatting, in a sun dress, and pissing on the train platform and I’m too much of a gentleman to photo it.

[I glance up from my paper and see her, waddling down the platform, pause hike up her dress and take care of business. I’ve seen worse on mass transit; I’m not especially surprised or shocked as much as I’m sorry and shamed]

The pic would have made me famous- but Jesus she’s someone’s daughter.
[All joking aside this is the kind of thing that makes  for millions of hits and montization.  I had the BBerry in hand- she is 50 yards down the platform but an intrepid reporter would have closed the distance and gotten the picture- or better yet the video…. I couldn’t do it. Maybe she was an EDP, maybe she was high- Maybe she just didn’t give a shit; not a distinct possibility as societal norms don’t seem to count for much with someone that size in a sundress. Hell for all I know it was an empowerment exercise.  I had a flash to Thunderdome when Mad Max knocks the helmet off  Blaster and lets the fight go. Then I’m talking on the phone and pacing and had to pause at the scene of the crime like any rube gawking at a train wreck]

Not ready for an I Heart NY shirt

In Street Seens on March 25, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Some days my day in NYC is mind-numbing hell-fight for a seat on the 5:57 and shuffle off at Penn. Some years ago, I’m watching the news and like a ton of bricks it hit me- the shuffle off the train and to the stairs is replicated by prisoners in leg shackles.
Some days are better.
I like NYC @ these 1/2 holidays. Plenty of room @ the train.

Started my day in the Bronx. Something was wrong w/ the line so I caught a fast forward to 210th St from 72nd. Got off at 231st, paused to look at the sun and saw The Temple of Enlightenment right next to the Piper’s Kilt Pub…. One way or another, one place or the other, all will be revealed. I found the synergy hilarious.
(John H opines that you can get a pretty good racing steak at the Kilt- it’s not bad if your teeth are sound and you’re hungry.)

Took the train back to the office w/ a dozen brown skinned day care kids, and their 2 harried minders. One little guy passed the time making faces at me.
Went down to Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the afternoon and made progress towards bringing in a significant project.
Felt so good took 30 minutes and had a real lunch- Borscht and potato pancakes @ this odd little diner I discovered 18 months ago- great food. Hotsy-Totsy Russian waitresses who I suspect the owners rescued from the life of escorts, Groovy artists in porkpie hats. Hard hats. Piercings and tattoos. It’s a scene.
Came back to Manhattan, got the big office printer to work for me.
Stepped outside for a smoke and here comes Laura Bush down 38th St. At first I disbelieve my eyes and flash to- if it’s her, where’s her protection? There are 3 hulking guys w/ ear pieces following her- or maybe they aren’t so hulking as she’s not much over 5’0.

Not ready for an I Heart NY shirt- but it does have it’s moments and I checked from head to toe today.

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