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The New Economy

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With a daughter who graduated with a pretty good average from a pretty good school how do I explain things? I already explained to a friend who suggested there was an internship at her sisters ad agency- don’t you think you’re limiting your talent pool by only taking on the children of rich people? Christ on a bicycle, every person who ever worked for me was payed for their trouble.

The new economy:
Dating is the process of weeding out whom you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with- ie a probationary year for a new hire.
Friends with benefits, we know a lot of the same people and sometimes are together, but that doesn’t mean we will be together & at best we’ll split the tab- ie Internships.
Fuck buddies, we use each other and nobody has the right to feel abused- ie employment through a temp agency.
One night stands, if there’s nothing better at closing time lets hook up- ie Independent 1099 employees.

There was a time when companies prided themselves on their training programs and fostered advancement now it’s a zero sum game.


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What Are YOU Prepared To Do?

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From NYTIMESHmmmmm.

Police Now Advise Assertive Response to Mass Attacks

Of course they do…

Gallant thinks it is because the authorities realize that they can’t be everywhere at once, that there were cops on site when Columbine, Tucson and Ft Hood started, that if the rule of law worked the judge you saw in traffic court wouldn’t have a carry permit.

Goofus thinks it is because most cops count on being struck by lightning before they have to draw their weapons on duty and that they are more interested in their vinyl siding business, putting in their 20 and retiring with medical then they are in shooting it out with some kook.

So maybe you better remember the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”; oh and good luck. If you wait for a killing to become mass, to consider an action plan, to contemplate the morality of braining someone with a ketchup bottle, you are too late. If you act earlier on your suspicions you are the NYCPD doing stop and frisk or George Zimmerman and are probably at fault.

Do it in school and chances are you’re disciplined- if not suspended.

Do it on the street and chances you’re sued.

Do it in the subway and you’re a racist who can’t find any peace like Bernie Goetz.

Do it at all and you risk getting branded as some kind of toxic-macho aggressor.

Be a toxic- macho fool who can’t mind his own business & you shoot Trevon Martin.

My first real boss was retired from the Coast Guard “We get paid to go out, not to come home”.  He taught me that you move in a crisis; either towards it or away; me I suggest moving away from gunshots.  He would have laughed at the Steubenville first responders who are all stressed out at having to see bodies.  Well too bad for you, sometimes it isn’t all swagger and lights & sirens, I hate it too when I have to do my job.

The dirty little secret of the Columbine shooting is that the police were behind Fire Trucks & Ambulances waiting for some other guy to go in and do the job for which they were hired as children and teachers bled out. Hillary Clinton was visiting my children’s elementary school while Columbine went down and the school went into complete lockdown while waiting for Marine One to whisk her away. Shortly afterwards I sat my kids down and explained they were under no circumstance ever to stick around for another lockdown- break a window, lay coats or books over the glass and head for the hills. Of course the Jefferson County cops may very well have shot a few students fleeing the school they were so dysfunctional that day.

The lesson of 911 might be that only 25% of Americans could get organized to fight back. Todd Beamer was a rugby player- so by definition he made football players look like wimps and practiced a proto-heteronormative masculinity by playing a contact sport- but he was able to use his faith & his team working experience to save, probably, other lives.

The dirty little secret of the Colin Ferguson LIRR shooting is that Ferguson reloaded magazines, not swapped out mags, but pushed bullets into the magazine for his pistol while the other riders waited for the authorities to do something. Nobody took a ball point and stabbed him in the eye, ear or neck. Eventually, passengers did rush & overcome Ferguson when the police didn’t show up. But bodies did stack up waiting for the authorities. [Full disclosure; the night of this shooting my phone rang several times and the callers said “Good you’re home”. I had no idea that this had occurred on my train line.]

So what is a Good Man of vetted liberal credentials to do, a guy who agrees that post Steubenville & Torrington football should be outlawed? How can a man who believes it when told that physical aggression is an extension of toxic-masculinity pick up the slack while waiting for the cops? It’s tough to toe the line and admire Anonymous taking things into their own hands- unless you can include physical action in your solution tree to physical confrontation.  It is all a slippery slope. Maybe you can see yourself speaking up to a line cutter or grabbing a fire extinguisher. Now try and grasp the basic theory behind gun ownership “when seconds count and the police are minutes away, what are you going to do?”  Are you stuck with the logical progression of the fight back argument- who wants to show up at a gun fight with an umbrella?

The problem, with the escalation of too many incidents, is that increasingly we just don’t know how to fight. In a world of zero tolerance the will and ability to fight back is stripped; we’ve been programming boys away from it for the past 40 years.  This is the Good Men Project here, so let’s talk about men and boys. Where every push or poke is bullying how one does develop the skill set of fighting? You don’t learn to street fight in the dojo, you may learn some techniques that might work in a fight in a sterile situation, but until you’ve busted a guy in the mouth while he is still talking smack you haven’t fought. Until you’ve had your eye opened and your knuckles busted you don’t know what you can do and more importantly how you can carry on hurt.   The next best thing to schoolyard fighting is competitive contact sports if one wants to learn to react instantaneously to violence.  This week that much maligned male “the Football Jock” stepped in in a timely manner.That would be sports with winners and losers, bumps and bruises. I’ll go on record now I’d rather be kicked by a Tiger Schulman disciple that booted by a soccer player.

The rest of the world isn’t worried about participation ribbons. A few million kids got out of bed this morning and hoped that someday they will kill a kid just like yours.

Children the age of your little darling woke up in Asia, Africa and South America grabbed their Kalashnikov and went to work.

A few thousand troubled souls awoke this morning, right here in the US, planning on raping your child or shooting up a public place.

Years ago I had to face that I am not brave enough to be a pacifist. A few years later I came to understand what I disliked about my mother’s favorite novelist- Pat Conroy, I disagreed with his message that it is better to live on your knees than to die on your feet. The only promise she ever asked of me was not to be a cop or a fireman as she was convinced I would run into a burning building. The piece I did about Walking into a Bucket of Blood was interpreted by some as funny- it was a serious piece told in a jocular manner. Threat assessment is a good habit every day and every place.

Dan McKown was prepared at the Tacoma Mall and is in a wheelchair because he fought fair, because he didn’t practice total war.

As Sean Connery asked Kevin Costner in “The Untouchables” “What are your prepared to do?”


Ultimately the end of the Boston situation came about due to a civilian.
“Then one man emerged from his home and noticed blood on the pleasure boat parked in his backyard. He lifted the tarp and found the wounded 19-year-old college student known the world over as Suspect No. 2.”

Another version of this was first published at


What if Kidnapper’s Neighbor Had Just Walked Away?



Drink Like You Want to F*** a Stranger.2

In Did You See This?, Fleshed Out Tweets, This Gives me a Pain in My Ass on March 27, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Let’s get out front- Steubenville & Torrington were wrong.
Wrong that girls got raped, wrong that children were drinking, wrong that kids were provided with booze and places to drink it.
Not just wrong- illegal.

Now let’s talk about adults.
I come from the age of dinosaurs when you could sign contracts, vote, get drafted and drink at 18 and I’m still of the opinion that then is when you attain your majority.
I observe that the elephant in the living room of most of the stories that concern ambiguous sex revolve around liquor.

The latest saw making the rounds is the Who Are You? video that comes out of New Zealand and seems confusing as hell to me and leaves all sorts of questions unanswered.
The players seem  adult enough to live without parents. The star is  a catwalk thin blond, who dyes her eyebrows brown, hotsy-totsy drinking like she wants to fuck a stranger and getting her wish or in an alternate world having her virtue saved by adoring sycophants; a Fairy Tale where the princess is saved from a fate worse than death.

Was this PSA underwritten by some brewer’s cabal?
Is she saved from rape or from the embarrassment of awaking with someone who’s name she can’t recall?
Is the flatmate safe, sober & studying because she wears spectacles & a sweatshirt?
[What would have happened had the flatmate decided to attend that lecture with her co-worker at the co-op?
Is the dude a rapist because he’s kind of ethnic looking?
Would a stud of similar Aryan stock been an appropriate fling for the princess?
Is the best friend not in the same jackpot because she is hefty?
Is the bartender a cock-blocking rascist because he pulls the best friend away from the black dude?
Is the best friend stuck drinking with a black dude because she’s hefty? Well not really hefty, but not as svelte as her BFF?
Is the Asian incapable of stepping up because he’s, well let’s face it, an effete Asian?
Is it OK to treat the heroine childishly and assume her incapable of making her own bad decision because she’s a blond?

Why does The Prom Queen’s Court absolves her of personal responsibility?
What investment do we have in her virtue?
Who are these people that want to interfere with he God given right to make mistakes? 
I’m not her conscience- but it certainly seems like see sets out to Drink Like She Wants to Fuck a Stranger.

Is there any part of this skit that is an anti-booze PSA? There seems to be nothing about substance abuse at the Who Are You? Website.

Regretable Sex starts in the Barroom, Not the Bedroom.
A DWI starts on the Barstool, Not in the Driver’s Seat.
And on April Fools Day I heard back from the people who brought us this drama
I had asked:

Are your videos underwritten by the liquor industry….

The analogy would be a video suggesting people who run extension cords under the carpet keep a fire extinguisher handy.
And Clare nicely replied:
Thanks for your e-mail query. Our short film is a collaborative effort between various media, police and sexual violence prevention and support organisations in Wellington, New Zealand. We have not received funding or input from the liquor industry.
Our message is not actually about alcohol consumption. We want to suggest that whilst enjoying a night out in town and when alcohol is involved, there are a number of things that people can be aware of in order to help keep others safe. The short film offers a number of characters that people can identify with and shows a number of opportunities for characters to check in with the girl to make sure everything’s alright. Our message is really about being an ‘ethical bystander’.
Please feel free to ask additional questions if I haven’t answered your query completely. Thank you for taking the time to better understand our campaign and our message.
Clare Green
“Who Are You?” Steering Committee
A Nice Reply

Am I just another Macho victim blamer? (see below)

It has been suggested that I don’t get a lot of traffic because I don’t engage my audience.
[What audience?]
Were I to ask questions at the end of my pieces I would get more referrals.
[Ladies have you ever jumped a guy’s bones because he owned a chainsaw?]
If I were to speak to my insecurities I might get more interactions.
[Is it possible that my hammering is symptomatic of the toxic male’s inability to communicate unless it is in a percussive manner?]
And I don’t ask nicely.
[Please stroke my ego by adding a comment and pave the way to my appearance on the Daily Show by sharing this.]

Colleges are seeing sexual assault where it doesn’t exist while letting dangerous men go free.

The Optional Steubenville Post- Draft.2

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Official seal of Steubenville, Ohio

I reject the concept of toxic masculinity and resent the living shit out of it even being up for discussion.

I also reject the ideas that all Micks are drunks, Pollacks are stupid, Squareheads are dense, Blacks are shifty and Mexicans are lazy…. And I reject the idea that there aren’t crimes committed by gays, that gays aren’t as messed u as the rest of it. If there is a lesson that is coming out of Torrington and Steubenville it includes that young women can be shits, too.

I’m casting around for some explanation of the what happened at Steubenville, there has to be something other than football and penises at work here. These are kids who did womething evil, I’m not sure they are evil. Here’s an evil kid- meet T.J. Lane ” “This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. F— all of you.”

So I observe vis Steubenville at GMP

In a future, hopefully not too distant, when more NFL players have come out of the closet The next generation’s Mays & Richmond can simply have sex with each other and by-pass the drunken female beard.

And someone comes back with.
“Hahahaha. A rape joke AND a gay joke all in one.
How the heck did this get past moderation!?”

And I wonder where that comes from and who the hell is she to question my opinions and reply.
“Where is the joke?
I’m completely serious.”

And it just gets ugly…

I’m guessing that 1/2 the problem is that I’m a straight white man, unapologetically.

Yes @____________ that is exactly what I suspect- perhaps you can fill me in on where my reasoning goes amiss.

I’m really peeved that my original comment seems to have been yanked.
90 % of my life I’ve been paid piece work – I don’t go for unnecessary verbiage.
I wrote something along this line.

I suspect most fag-bashes of having unresolved homosexual issues.
I suspect men who concurrently or serially having sex with the same woman of are gay or bi.

Why @_________ feels she is more inside the heads of Mays & Richmond and there ilk than I am is something she might want to explain.
What makes it improbable that they might be gay?
Growing up in a small town?
Playing football?
Doing something violent?
Are your gay guys all weak wristed pacifist urban hipsters?

I leave off with
Let’s try and keep a civil tongue in our heads. I’m surprised _______’s gaslighting F bomb got past moderation- but then suspect the moderators know me and understand thst with a revolver and a Rambo knife you would also need a stick and to pack lunch if you were looking to intimidate me.

There is nothing I stated that is homophobic.
There is nothing I said that should be construed to mean that I think sex and rape are synonymous.
I merely suggested that when gay NFL players come out of the closet, in some small way a certain percentage of Steubenville type assaults may be avoided.
I am a few days past 56 and I’ve been a male every fucking day of my life, so I have a certain level of understanding of the species.
I have corns older than some of you.
I have experience of adolescents and athletes that is in excess of 40 years.
I know that just as the majority of people I know are pretty good, the majority
HS athletes are nice people.
I knew a fag basher in my home town who evidently is now a lot happier with his husband. The assailants depicted in “Boogie Nights” were not as fictitious as ET.

I beat around the bush a bit earlier- I believe that there is, very much, a gay component to the eroticism when 2 men are having sex with the same woman at the same time. I’m not criticizing what 3 people might do. Oh, sorry, and 2 women with one guy are probably panting over each other as well.
Similarly, I feel there is a gay component to guys tag teaming, riding a train, going for sloppy seconds or what ever that is called in polite society.

I can imagine that in some, albeit misguided, way Mays and Richards thought they were having sex with their victim. My hypothesis is that they, or more accurately fools like them, who participate in dual rape really would rather have sex with one another. Just as I think a, large, percentage of people who engage in threesomes are in denial about the crux of their sexuality.

Now in re myths.
It is no myth that many children are confused, angry, in denial and bewildered at being gay and consequently engage is risky, dangerous and destructive behavior: Hopefully, the stigma is being peeled away and the shame with it. Anyone who denies that this is so has their head in the sand. This antisocial behavior is another leg of my idea that the actions at Steubenville might have something to do with negative socialization of the love that dares not…..
It is a myth that there aren’t gays in small towns. That gays aren’t playing football, basketball, softball and/or the tuba is an absurd idea. That there aren’t gays capable of the same degradations to their fellow humans that the rest of the population are is on some level an insult to their essence. Not all gays are that confused librarian living with his mother as depicted on stage & screen.

And what does FFS mean?

The Obligatory Steubenville Post.2

In Fleshed Out Tweets on March 20, 2013 at 10:56 am

If there is any silver lining it might be that this Steubenville thing was sort of a crowd sourced investigation & indictment.
Thank you Alexandria Goddard- she had the,foresight to grab screen shots of tweets before they were erased.

I received more than a bit of push back on my observation that this was a question of Drunks Raping a Drunk- it appears, to me, that any suggestion that in some small way a person who gets drunk and finds themselves in a jam is partially responsible is “Victim Blaming”.
A semi- famous blogger even twit complained about me even bringing it up.
But then “Call Me Miss” seems to be on the same page and she is a far superior writer to me.

Ultimately- in some very bizarre way Mays & Richmond may have thought they were having sex with this girl…. Of course there is the unacknowledged gay aspect, sex by proxy, I suspect between any two men who fuck the same woman serially or at,the same time.

@standup2p: Booze is the elephant in this living room.What Has Been Found Guilty in Steubenville? via @goodmenproject

You can’t get away with shit anymore. Ten years ago this would have been a nasty, whispered, rumor that followed Mays & Richmond for a while.

And last but not least-
These 2 knuckle headed deviants didn’t operate in a vacuum.
Where did the booze come from?
Where was it consumed?
The coaches & teachers who became aware of this were bound by law to report to the police and ultimately didn’t.

Update 3/21- I can’t say I agree with everything that she says; but will give Ms Nelson a lot of credit for defining the concept of “Rape Culture”
I’m also incredibly disappointed in the GMP Audience 15 comments on this piece and 500 on Yoga Pants

Ms Nelson’s Blog

You hit the road, during a snow storm, on bald tires.
You are running out for a bag of chips, not medicine for your ailing infant.
You wreck your car.
Is it entirely the DOT’s fault for not plowing, sanding & salting?
While you are recuperating from a broken pelvis does the knowledge that you had every right to be on the road alleviate some of the pain?


The Scarlet A [for ARMED]

In Fleshed Out Tweets on January 16, 2013 at 12:09 pm

English: Book cover for Gun Fight.

Gun Fight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Years ago I had the opportunity to discuss whether it was OK for a CYO basketball team to insist on the “Sportsman’s Prayer” before games taking place in a public school gym with a rep from the ACLU.

“Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it is right” she reported.

Similarly, just because it is legal doesn’t mean that all the press does is right. The latest via Newser is that “Gannett’s Journal News (which) set off a firestorm this week when it published an interactive map of people with handgun permits in Westchester and Rockland counties” now plans to enlarge the coverage to include Putnam County. I’m intrigued to see if they expand to NYC. I am curious as hell to know if Mike Blumberg & Richard Gere have carry permits as is rumored. I suspect that the intrepid truthers will quit short of Manhattan. Just as I’ve seen several construction fixing scandals stall and go no higher on the food chain than architects ( building management companies and owners are significant donors)  I’m sure Gannet will stop short of wheels who don’t want their information published living in the Five Boros. Hmmm, here is a question for the Journal News; does the map reflect a complete reporting or was there any editing out of friends, advertisers, family etc?  It reeks of false indignation and overactive sensationalism. Years ago, pre-Fox, Geraldo was on a tear about guns until he was asked about his having a carry permit. He neither admitted nor denied the question; instead he hid behind some foolishness about not divulging anything that might compromise the safety of his family. The press has no problem rappelling into anyone’s distress, but when Richard Engel was kidnapped in Syria mum was the word. And closer to home my publishers at GMP are guilty of self-serving hypocrisy.  Glock advertising ran, for months, featuring a scared Stepford Mommy & her Jon Benet Ramsey  Toddlers and Tiaras knock off daughter but Bushmaster’s tongue in cheek ads about Man Cards were labeled “Evil” and drew 100 comments.

So, now, more of our law abiding neighbors will be branded with the Scarlet A- for Armed. Neighbors will be shocked and dismayed to discover that they live with THEM. Historically gun control laws were for them. Visiting cowpokes on a payday drunk didn’t need guns. After the Civil War when it became obvious that rioting Papists and Free Negros were entitled to be armed the rush to legislation began. But if your neighbor is now a THEM and you are glad to know of it ask yourself what other secrets should the press reveal.

How many of us want the neighbors to know:

  • That the car in the driveway is registered to our Father-In-Law’s company, making you a fraud and him a tax cheat?
  • About the DUI or possession bust you ate back in the day? [The answer is many in my case.]
  • About the psych meds your child is on. Now remember that most of the public mass murderers in recent memory were either on or recently of prescribed medications, ergo your kid is dangerous. Have you divulged his prescription to the school nurse, his teacher and his guidance counselor? Don’t you think the parents of his classmates have a right to know about the ticking time bomb in their midst?

In the course of discussing the first draft of this, the idea that Racism and Gun Control are closely linked was questioned as a trope of the gun nuts. So I went to the library and found several books on the subject- which from my vantage supported my thesis.

First at the recommendation of Grant at Hankering for History I found Adam Winkler’s  Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America a book that seems well-rounded and seems to support my thesis, and push the gun control laws to antebellum times in the US and a few hundred years prior in Great Britain. To the best of my knowledge the first written law, in our traditions, barred Catholics from owning guns. Next I found the writings of Professor Nicholas Johnson- who is evidently black and sees Gun Control in terms of Rascism- as he pointed out in an email, guns have been essentially barred from Washington, DC since 1979 and this has done nothing to affect the murder rate there. So in addition to my other duties I was well on my way to a blockbuster revelation when I found Winkler’s  The Secret History of Guns which says all that I could in a better way

And the punch line is: Towards the end of my son’s season his coach, a friend, called and suggested that I check the league standings on-line. The only team to insist on the pre-game prayer had been stripped of it’s undefeated season because they were using overage players in our dimension. It is humorous how many of the indignant Elmer Gantry themselves in the end.


Guess It’s Not Like Porn- You Don’t Always Know It When You See It

In Fleshed Out Tweets on December 10, 2012 at 2:20 pm

I’ll hopefully expand this….
I’m caught up lately in a discussion of what is rape-
Don’t know why, but it is something I write about frequently….
This comes across the transom this morning-
I’d Rather Risk Rape Than Quit Partying
Kind of a despicable article which could also have been titled “I’d Rather Commit Rape Than Rein In My Monstrous Ego & Addictions”

And my reaction is-

I read this with ambivalence…..
I’ve been arguing for a bit that you can’t complain about bumps & bruises if you play a contact sport.
On some level- I have no moral qualms about him treating women who are playing the same games as he is to some rough stuff.
(Wow feminism can take you down some odd paths.)
And I wrote to him, though it didn’t get past the censors…..
I’m sure you would laugh it off if you came out of a blackout tied over a sawhorse pulling an infected train or with your dick in the pocket of your shirt & a length of 2×4 kicked up your colon.

Party On!
Fuck’em if they can’t take a joke.
I’m a Drunk, Alcoholics go to Meetings.

I don’t know where his playground is- but I will kill him if he comes near to anyone I love.

Sandy Scam

In Did You See This?, Fleshed Out Tweets on November 2, 2012 at 6:02 am

In my town- lights lit up to and including the 7-11, guess the cops can come out.

Mid- October Tweets

In Did You See This?, Fleshed Out Tweets on October 16, 2012 at 11:54 am

Honestly it is no wonder that women hate men- what passes for acceptable, if not handsome, among men is a lot broader than the yardstick for women. So according to this- shoulders are sexy; good for me as mine are still broad, if hairy.
@GoodMenProject: What Makes a Man Attractive? — There are few questions more frustrating than “What’s he got that I ain’t got?”

I’m in favor of American Males being circumcised aside from the health issues circumcision is a shibboleth. Frankly, I suspected the fathers of guys who weren’t circumcised of having brown shirts in their closets.
@standup2p: Justin Cascio getting back to,writing….The Circumcised Poet and Other Tales via @goodmenproject

Right here was to be a compilation of tweets about a young woman who committed suicide after being bullied- but I can’t sully her reputation by including her in these maunderings.

“Put the White back in the White House” T-Shirt…
I could conceive of wearing this for it’s absurdity and shock value…..
@standup2p: Yes it is wrong- and worst is I find it humorous on some level

Pick up and examine something dead when you don’t need to & maybe you can do it when you do need to. My mother would describe children as light as a bird- and this couldn’t have weighed 2 ounces….
@standup2p: A bird in the hand ….


Please This Can’t Be Right

In Did You See This?, Fleshed Out Tweets on September 18, 2012 at 5:50 pm

This weeks Top Ten Search Engine Terms that brought my adoring public to standup2p-# 10 “fat lumber fuck” WTF does that mean?

1 rattan cane
2 victorian spanking
3 brian brazeal tools
4 does god have a favorite color?
5 black girl with a white name
6 colin ferguson
7 push girls
8 craftsman h circle ratchet value
9 “hankering for history”
10 fat lumber fuck


I am consistently amazed at how much I like Photography- 11 years ago it was lucky I had a camera & now I’m rarely without one.

I really have no idea if my photos are seen by anyone.


Secularists are not atheists- not by a long shot & neither are agnostics.

Jimmy Breslin may not have coined the phrase, but I credit him “When proof comes in the door, faith flies out the window.


Well worth reading-

The Congo has taken a Fucking as badly as any place on earth. NPR: Yet Again, Congo Faces The Specter Of Civil War- King Leopold’s Ghost and the world calls the US rascists -More at NPR

If anyone read this I might get flack….

There are a few turning points for me vis the absurdity of rascism:

1 The morning that two tapers carved each other up, at a Rock Center job, with Spackle knives over the Czech & Slovak division of the old Czechoslovakia.  We were amazed s they seemed to be the same brand of Pollack to us.

2 Tutsis & Hutus – come on, these are not some made up appellations for a racist joke? And then it got worse- evidently these people self identify or are marked by enemies with machetes to decide which side they are on.


What is there to say about this tidbit?

Black Men Survive Longer In Prison via @goodmenproject I don’t know what to say, just don’t know…

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