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If America’s #1 Dad Couldn’t Save His Son with a Whupping, None of Our Kids Are Safe

In Did You See This? on September 17, 2014 at 4:53 pm

If America’s #1 Dad Couldn’t Save His Son with a Whupping, None of Our Kids Are Safe.

Faroe Island Whaling, a 1,000-Year Tradition, Comes Under Renewed Fire

In Did You See This? on September 12, 2014 at 10:34 pm

Faroe Island Whaling, a 1,000-Year Tradition, Comes Under Renewed Fire.


I was thinking today about how, though I disagree, I admire people who are vegetarians for ethical reasons. I spotted 6 turkey’s and at least 12 deer today and know people whom I like who are offended by my wish to shoot and eat them.

Last month I was thinking about how the Ebola epidemics seem to start with “bush meat”- bats and simians. I don’t know that I could eat a bat because I find the idea so repulsive. I’m even more certain that I couldn’t eat an ape- I’m funny that way about cannibalism, and our genome and a chimp’s are something north of 90% in common… I’m a great reader of tales of arctic & Antarctic exploration, I applaud the practicality of the Norwegians eating sled dogs and I could conceptualize an “Alive” cannibalism scenario. But hunting apes for gustatory pleasure does nothing for me.

And then we come to cetaceans. I’d like to think that my suspicion of their self-awareness goes deeper than “Day of the Dolphin” & Douglas Adams. The symbiosis between Orcas and Humans in hunting Baleen Whales in Twofold Bay cemented my suspicion of whales intellect and has me wondering who was the hunter and who,was the hound. [ ]… I’ve never eaten Dolphin or whale and there’s a pretty good chance I won’t.

I’m not sure that there is a great difference between the semi-Hebraic dispatch of these whales in the article above and the harvesting of any of the meat I eat.

My last observation on this article would be that, perhaps, this would be embraced as a more traditional tribal rite if the Faroe Islanders weren’t so damned white.




The Ebola virus and the vampire state, by Susan Shepler

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Originally posted on Mats Utas:

Coming back to Sierra Leone at the end of June and traveling on to Liberia in July, I’ve seen a big change.  There have been hundreds of deaths, and people are definitely taking the issue more seriously now.

The virus is primarily spread by contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person, so one of the precautions advised is to not shake hands with people. But I’m finding that very hard in Sierra Leone and Liberia.  We shake hands with everyone we meet.  A driver told me, “I carry all kinds of people in my car.  My children are playing with all kinds of children and then we all sit together at home.  What can I do?”  I was sitting in a crowded public transport vehicle in the Red Light neighborhood, just outside Monrovia the other day, waiting for the vehicle to fill with passengers so we could leave. …

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