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IPhoto Jul 27, 8 29 11 AM purchased the shotgun shown here as a just divorced gift to myself, just for the hell of it. Vaguely I thought it might come in handy if I ever were to find myself in brown bear country (I didn’t worry back then about civil unrest). replaced the furniture with a Magpul stock and for end for comfort and installed an oversized safety button because i have arthritis in my hands. I can put slugs on a paper plate, with it, at 50 yards; the slugs are both store-bought and from shells I load. I find banging away with this to be cathartic and just plain fun. I also get a giggle out of being a 2A liberal. One of the specific selling points to this Mossberg was the ghost ring sight.

More and more Red Dot Sights are transitioning from rare and expensive to utilitarian so I decided I’d give them a try. But I’m cheap and I’ve been waiting for the prices to drop. At $ 25- I decided to give the Fieldsport a try.  I did not want to remove the factory sights so I had to modify the firearm to install a short rail section on which to mount the sight. Every tool is a kit; hammer handles need fitting, knives need sharpening and guns need tweaking.  The process was not difficult, I’ve got 50 years of puttering behind me. It did require some workarounds. None of my transfer punches was the correct diameter to match the whole in the rail and I had to shorten one of the screws. it would have gone more quickly and smoothly if I had a mill- but I’m not sure the outcome would have been significantly improved.

Photo Jul 16, 5 36 08 PM

Photo Jul 16, 5 36 04 PMPhoto Jul 16, 6 25 53 PMPhoto Jul 16, 6 35 40 PMPhoto Jul 16, 6 51 18 PMPhoto Jul 26, 1 53 57 PM (1)Photo Jul 26, 2 01 15 PMPhoto Jul 26, 4 15 09 PMPhoto Jul 27, 8 28 34 AMPhoto Jul 27, 8 29 05 AMPhoto Jul 27, 8 29 11 AM




Father’s Day

In Be a Guy on June 16, 2012 at 4:04 pm


It’s Father’s Day tomorrow.
Some of my kids hate me.
Some love me.
Maybe a couple like me.

Honestly, I’m not that concerned.
I’m not 100% at fault by a long shot.
They could have gotten a lot more out of me.

(Of course ranting at my sons last year and pointing out that neither of them could run a chain saw, drive a clutch, build a house or plow a driveway just got me that confused WTF look. I now own enough .22s, shotguns, wrench sets, jointer planes, crosscut saws & Yankee screwdrivers to leave each of them a pretty good survival kit; with which they could fall through the ice before they figure out it’s uses.  They will each get a Rolex and one will sell it, one will lose it and one will save it and wear it on occasions. But then my Dad never taught me to use any of those tools.I may as well leave them Masonic Runes.)

My sons would much prefer that I’d mastered the big titted fancy Mommy, oversized watch & Escalade lifestyle.

My daughter, like all women remains an enigma.
Hell, how can they even know me when I’m barely rediscovering myself.
Or inventing me.
Hopefully before it’s over they will appreciate me and I’ll appreciate them.

I’m reminded of the epiphany I had with my Father…..

He wouldn’t listen to me when I was 16 and knew everything, why should he listen to me when I ‘m 46 & don’t know shit…

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