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How Do You Know How to Do What You Do?

In Be a Guy, Tool Kit on April 18, 2013 at 8:04 am

SpliceMy friend informs me that the most obnoxious phrase in my lexicon is ”Let me tell/show you how the big boys do it.”

There are acts we perform we cannot unattach from the memory of the man who taught us it and a certainty that we know how to do it correctly.

Hitting a golf ball, digging a hole, parking a car, loading a gun, planing a board and casting a lure are all activities that have me
channelling a mentor.

What do you do that is forever a tribute to a teacher?

In the course of my day I had the opportunity to discuss my concept of the “stick gene” which moved me a long way towards my belief that there is a very real difference between men and women and it is nature not nurture. The “stick gene” observation is based upon my Irish Twins. My daughter first emerged to walk the yard and picked up a few sticks and carried them or but them down with indifference, my son picked up a stick and wailed hell out of a bush the first chance he got, he jabbed the stick into the ground and found another and built a rudimentary something. My observations came about in discussing the emasculation of young men and their ultimate frustration arising from the dampening of the “stick gene” and that men cannot be fulfilled without expressing their innate “do” urge…..
You dudes are missing your stick genes- or something as prosaic as discussing what you do rather than expressing your deep thoughts and grand ideas is boring.
I mark a board for trimming by running a finger & pencil scribe and think of Ray Curry.
I put on a bandaid & think of Uncle Ed.
I sharpen and carry a pocket knife and think of my Dad who never carried a pocket knife but taught me to.
I load a revolver and think of Jim Keeling, born in a tent in a mining camp,where his father was the law.
I sight a rifle and think of Tom Kudrowski who learned the business in the SE Asia games.
I flick a zippo & think of a thug named Donnie.
I put a wrench on a bolt on a car & think about Cass Smith and breaking bolts.
I tie a knot and think of Frank Powdrell & Art Burbick- Scout Masters.
I trust a young guy and think about school disciplinarian Art Russo.
I coach wrestling and channel Marty Jacobsen, Lacrosse and think of Kal Wynot & Red Wylie, Soccer and that jerk I couldn’t stand.
I coached baseball and thought of that asshole in the mirrored aviators berating me.
I ease up on the clutch and think of John Evans as I do when I run any two or four stroke engine.
I plane a door & set the hinges and think of how much better at it I became than that smug Paul Bowles.
I foot a column of numbers on an AIA703 and think of Michelle Williams who taught me the term foot.
I love my dog without cutesy BS & baby talk and think of Victor Roggio.
I see a pitch fork and think of Victor’s Native American buddy who killed a red neck with one for trifling with his sister and then returned to the real world from prison to capture wild horses and build carriages.
if I ever nut another steer in this life I will think of Jack Stroh, similarly if I ever shoot another rattle snake I will thing of Jim keeling and if I ever roll a joint again I will think of Chuck Novack the Polish Pope.
If I ever pluck out a bartender’s eye I will think of long gone Jerry the Seal who I saw do that.
If I change a diaper again I will think of my Mother who taught me that chore and how to sew, iron, make stuffing & prepare a turkey dinner.
If I ever sing again in public I will think of Art O’Hanlon who wanted my early changed voice in choir and whose invitation fell on my deaf ears.
When I fold my shirt cuffs it is into my sleeves, more secure and safe from chalk dust as Bob Cressey taught me.
If I put my thoughts to paper, or keyboard, I think of the Real Ken Follett.

PS April 2013

I saw a man today who I met 50 years ago. He was the older brother of a classmate and I was terrified of him. Today he is a tiny Buddhist, who led chants, at his Father’s wake.
I had reason to think of him last month when I had use for an axe on a stump; Mark taught me and Paul to sharpen a Boy Scout hatchet which he probably threw at us like Ed Ames…..
He showed us the file & whet stone method, I used an angle grinder and a belt sander– but I still honored him…

This is taken from a poorly received piece I did at the GMP where 1/2 the readers think a set screw is choreographed sex.


In Be a Guy, Pictures on September 13, 2011 at 12:32 am

All of these pictures taken w/ the BBerry Camera… Maybe not all, I do carry a little CoolPix. I really have no desire to own or carry a finer camera.

I may have posed a few of the pics- ie the bird on the hood of my truck and I’m holding one of the dead rats.

Sorry that so many of them are dead: It’s hard to get close enough to live animals to make the BBerry effective.

Rodents- Found a whole bunch of rats on my property this spring that someone had baited.

Birds- Fall from the sky

Owl Castings- The raptors have returned in force, but I don’t know, for certain, what burrow the bones are around but did sight what can only have been a ferret in that area last week and as I understand it it would have to be feral. There are a lot less cat’s this year in this field and I’m wondering if the ferret has something to do with this.

Bugs- some of them are beautiful.

Eggs- I’ve always loved that color

I put down the wounded bunny; Pick up and examine animals dead and alive- Be a Guy.

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Hand to Hand 2.1

In Mobile Updates, Pictures on August 20, 2011 at 7:42 pm

I am fond of this little camera- 95% found items. I practice an arcane art; tracking. I find and see things others don’t. I find owl castings in tall grass.

I have never found and arrow head. I mentioned this once in a Pennsylvania field and one of the guys with whom I’m hunting says “Like this” as he bends down and comes up with a beautiful little white one.

Click on the images to activate the slide show

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For a brutal assessment of my opinion on photographers see this.

On the Fly- 08/17

In Did You See This?, Fleshed Out Tweets on August 17, 2011 at 5:41 pm

“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell may be as important to my management mindset as was “Moneyball” by Michael Lewis
Who knew:
  1. The majority of Pro Hockey Players are born January to March of given Year.
  2. 1955 was the year to be born if you wanted to be a founder of a major Tech Firm like Sun, Microsoft or Apple.
  3. That 1930 was the prime year to be born if you wanted to be a successful Jewish Lawyer in NYC
  4. That the concept of good enough works as in if you’re smart enough then it’s all up to practice and luck.
It gets a bit surreal but the science seems sound to me and I’ve heard Gladwell speak several times
6 Tough Questions To Ask An SEO Agency : Technology :: American Express OPEN Forum via @OpenForum
Honestly I don’t know what 1/2 of this means
Coyotes would be better- Feral Cats Overrun Coney Island – Local News – AllMediaNY: via @AddThis
Me I think a few guys with flashlights and pellet rifles could deal with this in a week
“Feral cats are taking over Coney Island, moving into backyards, vacant buildings and cars as well as under the boardwalk of the dwindling tourist attraction, report the New York Post.”
feel good BS, Bike lanes add to congestion and pollution Effort to Remove Prospect Park West Bike Lane Is Rejected:
Anyone who thinks that bike lane don’t lend more pollution than they solve is hoping, not analysing. NYC is already the Greenest City  [Leonard Lopate]


In Be a Guy, Pictures on August 3, 2011 at 6:09 pm

Rodents- Found a whole bunch of rats on my property this spring that someone had baited.

Birds- Fall from the sky

Owl Castings- The raptors have returned in force, but I don’t know what burrow the bones are around.

Bugs- some of them are beautiful.

Eggs- I’ve always loved that color

Pick up and examine dead animals- Be a Guy.

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