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The Scarlet A [for ARMED]

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English: Book cover for Gun Fight.

Gun Fight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Years ago I had the opportunity to discuss whether it was OK for a CYO basketball team to insist on the “Sportsman’s Prayer” before games taking place in a public school gym with a rep from the ACLU.

“Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it is right” she reported.

Similarly, just because it is legal doesn’t mean that all the press does is right. The latest via Newser is that “Gannett’s Journal News (which) set off a firestorm this week when it published an interactive map of people with handgun permits in Westchester and Rockland counties” now plans to enlarge the coverage to include Putnam County. I’m intrigued to see if they expand to NYC. I am curious as hell to know if Mike Blumberg & Richard Gere have carry permits as is rumored. I suspect that the intrepid truthers will quit short of Manhattan. Just as I’ve seen several construction fixing scandals stall and go no higher on the food chain than architects ( building management companies and owners are significant donors)  I’m sure Gannet will stop short of wheels who don’t want their information published living in the Five Boros. Hmmm, here is a question for the Journal News; does the map reflect a complete reporting or was there any editing out of friends, advertisers, family etc?  It reeks of false indignation and overactive sensationalism. Years ago, pre-Fox, Geraldo was on a tear about guns until he was asked about his having a carry permit. He neither admitted nor denied the question; instead he hid behind some foolishness about not divulging anything that might compromise the safety of his family. The press has no problem rappelling into anyone’s distress, but when Richard Engel was kidnapped in Syria mum was the word. And closer to home my publishers at GMP are guilty of self-serving hypocrisy.  Glock advertising ran, for months, featuring a scared Stepford Mommy & her Jon Benet Ramsey  Toddlers and Tiaras knock off daughter but Bushmaster’s tongue in cheek ads about Man Cards were labeled “Evil” and drew 100 comments.

So, now, more of our law abiding neighbors will be branded with the Scarlet A- for Armed. Neighbors will be shocked and dismayed to discover that they live with THEM. Historically gun control laws were for them. Visiting cowpokes on a payday drunk didn’t need guns. After the Civil War when it became obvious that rioting Papists and Free Negros were entitled to be armed the rush to legislation began. But if your neighbor is now a THEM and you are glad to know of it ask yourself what other secrets should the press reveal.

How many of us want the neighbors to know:

  • That the car in the driveway is registered to our Father-In-Law’s company, making you a fraud and him a tax cheat?
  • About the DUI or possession bust you ate back in the day? [The answer is many in my case.]
  • About the psych meds your child is on. Now remember that most of the public mass murderers in recent memory were either on or recently of prescribed medications, ergo your kid is dangerous. Have you divulged his prescription to the school nurse, his teacher and his guidance counselor? Don’t you think the parents of his classmates have a right to know about the ticking time bomb in their midst?

In the course of discussing the first draft of this, the idea that Racism and Gun Control are closely linked was questioned as a trope of the gun nuts. So I went to the library and found several books on the subject- which from my vantage supported my thesis.

First at the recommendation of Grant at Hankering for History I found Adam Winkler’s  Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America a book that seems well-rounded and seems to support my thesis, and push the gun control laws to antebellum times in the US and a few hundred years prior in Great Britain. To the best of my knowledge the first written law, in our traditions, barred Catholics from owning guns. Next I found the writings of Professor Nicholas Johnson- who is evidently black and sees Gun Control in terms of Rascism- as he pointed out in an email, guns have been essentially barred from Washington, DC since 1979 and this has done nothing to affect the murder rate there. So in addition to my other duties I was well on my way to a blockbuster revelation when I found Winkler’s  The Secret History of Guns which says all that I could in a better way

And the punch line is: Towards the end of my son’s season his coach, a friend, called and suggested that I check the league standings on-line. The only team to insist on the pre-game prayer had been stripped of it’s undefeated season because they were using overage players in our dimension. It is humorous how many of the indignant Elmer Gantry themselves in the end.


Victim? I’d say assailant.

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One of Bernhard Goetz’s victims kills self on anniversary of subway shoot

Oh this Bernie Goetz drove everyone nuts.

Knee jerk liberals had to deal with supporting jackals

Black activists had to deal with the fact that evidently thugs were their constituency.

Young black men felt like punks if they weren’t taking down subway riders.

The gun lobby was embarrassed because only one DOA occurred.

Average white men were ashamed that they hadn’t cowboyed up.

Mayor Koch was embarrassed that troglodyte law ruled the subterranean lifeblood of NYC.

The cops were furious that someone was doing the job they wouldn’t/couldn’t/didn’t.

Boom Boxes, Wilding, “Pay Me”, My balls are so big I have to splay my legs as wide (as a whore in Hustler) as is possible and push my kicks into the aisle to dare you to trip over them.

A few years after the Goetz incident I accidentally scuffed some punks sneakers and it was game on. We went a few rounds of verbal sparring until I finally offered to buy his sneakers. Negotiations broke down when I told him “here’s the money, give me the shoes”.I told him don’t be scuffing my new kicks by toeing them off. Had he bent down to untie them I would have punted his face. Had he balanced on one leg I was planning on dislocating his patella.

Some old guy in a Postal Service uniform chimed in “young blood, you want to sell your shoes, give the man his merchandise. You want to take the man’s money it’s two on one now.”

One of Bernhard Goetz’s victims kills self on anniversary of subway shoot

Look what’s happening out in the streets

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Recent Tweets

Volunteers (Jefferson Airplane album)

Image via Wikipedia

standup2p Observations
700 arrested after protest on NY’s Brooklyn Bridge Wow Arab Spring, U.S. Fall…
standup2p Observations
“It wasn’t a march, it was a police riot,” Rudy Cops Out On Review Bd. – New York Daily… via@ArchiveDigger
standup2p Observations
Trying to get a handle on 700 arrests in NYC last night and wondering how many of the cops were marching @ the Dinkins riot on same bridge

standup2p Observations

Occupy Wall Street: A Tea Party for the Left? via@TIMEPolitics
The fact is I’ve been in street fights better orgqnized than this- wait maybe this is a street fight,
Some of the quotes I’ve heard today include and I paraphrase…
Not too many down trodden masses at the protest- they’re all at work…
“Wall Street: All these years we’ve been complaining about the apathy of the younger generation, that if it had been up to them the Freedom Rides would have been Beemer ragtops and tailgate picnics at polo matches. Well, for all its faults and confusions and contradictions and ignorances, the Wall Street protest does respond to that. Not exactly the March on Washington, but it may become a good point of departure. Even if some of them – based on personal observation a few nights ago – are indeed wearing Polo. It was, too, much easier just to say end the war in Vietnam.”
Jefferson Airplane:
Look what’s happening out in the streets
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Hey I’m dancing down the streets
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Ain’t it amazing all the people I meet
Got a revolution Got to revolution
One generation got old
One generation got soul
This generation got no destination to hold
Pick up the cry
Hey now it’s time for you and me
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Come on now we’re marching to the sea
Got a revolution Got to revolution
Who will take it from you
We will and who are we
We are volunteers of America

On the Fly- 08/17

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“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell may be as important to my management mindset as was “Moneyball” by Michael Lewis
Who knew:
  1. The majority of Pro Hockey Players are born January to March of given Year.
  2. 1955 was the year to be born if you wanted to be a founder of a major Tech Firm like Sun, Microsoft or Apple.
  3. That 1930 was the prime year to be born if you wanted to be a successful Jewish Lawyer in NYC
  4. That the concept of good enough works as in if you’re smart enough then it’s all up to practice and luck.
It gets a bit surreal but the science seems sound to me and I’ve heard Gladwell speak several times
6 Tough Questions To Ask An SEO Agency : Technology :: American Express OPEN Forum via @OpenForum
Honestly I don’t know what 1/2 of this means
Coyotes would be better- Feral Cats Overrun Coney Island – Local News – AllMediaNY: via @AddThis
Me I think a few guys with flashlights and pellet rifles could deal with this in a week
“Feral cats are taking over Coney Island, moving into backyards, vacant buildings and cars as well as under the boardwalk of the dwindling tourist attraction, report the New York Post.”
feel good BS, Bike lanes add to congestion and pollution Effort to Remove Prospect Park West Bike Lane Is Rejected:
Anyone who thinks that bike lane don’t lend more pollution than they solve is hoping, not analysing. NYC is already the Greenest City  [Leonard Lopate]

Not ready for an I Heart NY shirt

In Street Seens on March 25, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Some days my day in NYC is mind-numbing hell-fight for a seat on the 5:57 and shuffle off at Penn. Some years ago, I’m watching the news and like a ton of bricks it hit me- the shuffle off the train and to the stairs is replicated by prisoners in leg shackles.
Some days are better.
I like NYC @ these 1/2 holidays. Plenty of room @ the train.

Started my day in the Bronx. Something was wrong w/ the line so I caught a fast forward to 210th St from 72nd. Got off at 231st, paused to look at the sun and saw The Temple of Enlightenment right next to the Piper’s Kilt Pub…. One way or another, one place or the other, all will be revealed. I found the synergy hilarious.
(John H opines that you can get a pretty good racing steak at the Kilt- it’s not bad if your teeth are sound and you’re hungry.)

Took the train back to the office w/ a dozen brown skinned day care kids, and their 2 harried minders. One little guy passed the time making faces at me.
Went down to Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the afternoon and made progress towards bringing in a significant project.
Felt so good took 30 minutes and had a real lunch- Borscht and potato pancakes @ this odd little diner I discovered 18 months ago- great food. Hotsy-Totsy Russian waitresses who I suspect the owners rescued from the life of escorts, Groovy artists in porkpie hats. Hard hats. Piercings and tattoos. It’s a scene.
Came back to Manhattan, got the big office printer to work for me.
Stepped outside for a smoke and here comes Laura Bush down 38th St. At first I disbelieve my eyes and flash to- if it’s her, where’s her protection? There are 3 hulking guys w/ ear pieces following her- or maybe they aren’t so hulking as she’s not much over 5’0.

Not ready for an I Heart NY shirt- but it does have it’s moments and I checked from head to toe today.

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