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She is not a SEXY little White Girl So THERE IS NO NEED TO PANIC- but Shelbi is Missing

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No she wasn’t on some exotic vacation, no she’s not some cutesy white girl-
turns out there is a name for this “Missing white woman syndrome” as opposed to the inactivity of surrounding missing black girls. 
Hell she may not even be a cheer leader or a beauty pageant finalist….
The odds of you seeing this story on Fox or CNN are minimal…
The odds that she needs some help are overwhelming. The hell her people must be going through is unimaginable. I don’t know her, I do know a shirt-tale relative of hers who is good people by any accounting.
This is the real deal- check the national website

Google Natalee Holloway and you’ll see almost 2 million mentions now pull the name of some brown kid off the site above and  see how many hits you get.


Case Type: Endangered Runaway 

DOB: Jul 17, 1995
Sex: Female
Missing Date: Aug 24, 2011
Race: Black
Age Now: 16 
Missing City: DELRAY BEACH Missing State :  FL Missing Country: United State
Height:  5’1″ (155 cm)  Weight:  140 lbs (64 kg)
Hair Color: Blacks Eye Color: Brown 
Case Number: NCMC1178727
Circumstances: Both photos shown are of Shelbi. She may still be in the local area or she may travel to Daytona Beach, Florida. Shelbi has a scar near her left eye.

Random- There are no bad Pit Bulls only misunderstood Pit Bulls

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00daddydrew daddydrew
Is Michele Bachmann‘s husband gay? Don’t trust gaydar to settle the question.By William Saletan  Is it Push Poll Time, “Would it bother you to find out Senator McCain has a black baby?” I’m enjoying the hell out of this.
00daddydrew daddydrew
I disbelieve the 10% of the population is gay- even if you factor in GOP front runner’s hubbies and preachers on the down low
00daddydrew daddydrew
Genuflecting to the Tea Party: The tyranny of the big mouths
00daddydrew daddydrew
Basta- Somalia Ravaged by Cholera Epidemic, U.N.
There was an awful theory running around a few years ago that proposed: Aiding Africa is in effective as it just prolongs the suffering and leads to an even greater crisis that will be incurable.
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Bert and Ernie…. Via @nprnews: They’re Just Best Friends. That’s It. Seriously |
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
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His pregnant, lifeless wife injured from dozens of bites one of the family pit bulls standing over her,
There are no bad Pit Bulls only misunderstood Pit Bulls 12 hours ago
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Bill Bratton is a Hard Guy….Former New York police chief to advise Britain on street gangs #cnn…
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Well how hard do you have to push a Fag, to make him cry? Bachmann camp gets rough with Don Lemon…
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00daddydrew daddydrew
As legitimate a question as Stern’s boy asking Gennifer Flowers: “Are you planning on sleeping with any other Presidential candidates?”
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The trick to shipping a frozen head FedEx is insulation and sealing. A cold box raises questions, a leaking box red flags.
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Minnesota congresswoman , Michelle Bachmann, was asked if she would be submissive to her husband- No rules are for the little people. Morality for the masses.
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00daddydrew daddydrew
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