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Victim? I’d say assailant.

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One of Bernhard Goetz’s victims kills self on anniversary of subway shoot

Oh this Bernie Goetz drove everyone nuts.

Knee jerk liberals had to deal with supporting jackals

Black activists had to deal with the fact that evidently thugs were their constituency.

Young black men felt like punks if they weren’t taking down subway riders.

The gun lobby was embarrassed because only one DOA occurred.

Average white men were ashamed that they hadn’t cowboyed up.

Mayor Koch was embarrassed that troglodyte law ruled the subterranean lifeblood of NYC.

The cops were furious that someone was doing the job they wouldn’t/couldn’t/didn’t.

Boom Boxes, Wilding, “Pay Me”, My balls are so big I have to splay my legs as wide (as a whore in Hustler) as is possible and push my kicks into the aisle to dare you to trip over them.

A few years after the Goetz incident I accidentally scuffed some punks sneakers and it was game on. We went a few rounds of verbal sparring until I finally offered to buy his sneakers. Negotiations broke down when I told him “here’s the money, give me the shoes”.I told him don’t be scuffing my new kicks by toeing them off. Had he bent down to untie them I would have punted his face. Had he balanced on one leg I was planning on dislocating his patella.

Some old guy in a Postal Service uniform chimed in “young blood, you want to sell your shoes, give the man his merchandise. You want to take the man’s money it’s two on one now.”

One of Bernhard Goetz’s victims kills self on anniversary of subway shoot

Coming Attractions- Depending on My Mood and Your Votes 08/04

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