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Aching to Hear; The Akin Defense

In Did You See This?, This Gives me a Pain in My Ass on August 24, 2012 at 6:14 pm

I haven’t seen a picture of the ESB shooter yet- but part of me hopes he is a short, fat white man who needs a shave…..
Kind of ready for the “Don’t Fuck with ME” aura to get recognized…..
An unscientific poll at the lumber yard this afternoon says most of the 50 something white guys agree with me.

The black guy behind the counter seemed to think he already knew his co-workers are nuts…


Just what we need- an outstanding opportunity to test the Todd Akin defense, she did after all get pregnant. Plus as an added bonus she was abducted from MO.

Can you imagine? Some animal and his Mother????

Missing teen escapes captors after 2 years of abuse: cops

A teen girl reported missing more than two years ago told police she escaped a home in southwestern Illinois where she had been held captive and repeatedly sexually assaulted.


 Worth listening to

Storycorps: An Inmate Firefighter Finds His Proudest Moment


Secondly, the whole reason presidential candidates release tax returns is because former Republican presidential candidate George Romney started the tradition in the late 1960s by releasing 12 years of returns. George Romney was also a Mormon and a leader in the church, but apparently had no problem with how much he had given to the church (he was also Mitt Romney’s father)

Mitt Romney: I can’t, I’m Mormon!

Romney has a new lousy excuse for not releasing his tax returns


OK all of my friends who believe in an omnipotent and wise being it is time to take a stand.
If the RNC is spared the wrath of hurricane Isaac inevitably it will be to the credit of prayer in many believers’ minds.
Are you willing to concede that if the RNC is disrupted by Isaac it is a sign of God‘s displeasure?


Don’t think I would be brave enough to not react violently. But I will always love Deb B for assuring me I would be.

How To Deal With An “Unruly Passenger” On A Cross-Country Flight


This guy has to be impeached- this is hate speech that should be investigated.


Video: Lubbock, Texas Judge Tom Head Warns of UN Invasion if Pres. Obama is Re-Elected

Coming Attractions- Depending on My Mood and Your Votes 08/04

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(some of) My Father’s Women

Tattoos are no longer Macho

Brian Watkins, Colin Ferguson, Bernhard Goetz,  Giffords and Anders Behring Breivik- American Fantasy and Reality

The Mean Version of the Fashion Story


Tool Kit

Weld Like a Farmer

Carry a Weapon/Paranoia is Awareness

Any Fool Can Pull a Trigger- It Takes Character to Push a Knife

Problem Children in Congress

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Last night congress, used the bathroom, flushed the toilet, washed his hands and turned off the light.
Now he’s looking for a cookie.
Honey, it’s expected at your age.
The Congress posse is stalking the halls giving guys wedgies and snapping girls’ bra straps. And posting this on UTube.
Congress is farting in the elevator cab and snickering when it gets off.
Congress is picking his nose and wiping his finger on the cafeteria table.
Congress is making fart noises during quiet time.
Congress dropped a turd & is telling you “if it’s in the punchbowl it must be ice”
Congress is pissing down your collar & calling it rain.


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