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catholic church in Mexico

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Wow who knew “yet for over 70 years during the 20th century the Catholic Church was actually outlawed: not allowed to own property, run schools, convents or monasteries, have more than a certain number of priests (and no foreign priests), nor defend itself publicly or in the court”. All of my fellow Catholics who think they’ve been white for 2,000 Years should read this.

The Catholic Gene

Mexico is a nation with a very strong Catholic identity, yet for over 70 years during the 20th century the Catholic Church was actually outlawed: not allowed to own property, run schools, convents or monasteries, have more than a certain number of priests (and no foreign priests), nor defend itself publicly or in the courts. It was hardly allowed to exist. According to historian Jim Tuck, “This was not separation of church and state: it was complete subordination of church to state”.

Following 1940, enforcement of these restrictions gradually lessened, but it was not until 1992 that the Church was restored as a legal entity in Mexico. During the period of the strictest enforcement of these draconian laws beginning with the rule of President Calles in the late 1920s, Mexicans were often imprisoned for wearing religious items, saying “Adios” in public (which literally means “with God”), or even questioning the…

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Growth Industry

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Evidently Facebook is tanking.

Now I didn’t see the movie as I didn’t think it would include my four must points,

  1. Horses
  2. Machine Guns
  3. Flying Machines
  4. Frontal Nudity

But it never seemed to me like Zuckerberg invented fire- so I thought maybe I’d be discovered in a new Electronic “Schwab’s Pharmacy

And I haven’t, again, hit the lottery….

But I guess I’m as narcissistic as the next guy.

So what’s that leave me with?

Oh I know- Mommy Porn “Fifty Shades of Grey” …

But then if anything the past 20 yrs has taught me that women aren’t interested in my fantasies (anymore?)  so……

Why can’t anyone pass a welding test AND a drug test?

But then I guess that ship sailed in 75 when I wanted to take off a year between HS & College.

It ain’t easy. I guess I’ll just have to keep plugging along with my inane comments until Comedy Central sends a DialCar for me.

And Play Blog Buzz Word Bingo

Brazed detail.

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Where Have I Been?

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Visited my Daughter @ College. Put up w/ my oldest son’s bullshit. Started a new job. And dealt with the BBerry Melt Down Which I suspect is just a big Hack that Goes Unreported– This is as big a financial hit as a Tsunami.


Begged the Book Sluts for a Guest Post

Guess I could have grabbed Something from SOS Gab & Eti.



Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge

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Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge 100 Words On The Subject Of Revenge.

Below is my attempt…..
100 words aren’t very much.

Shoot me if you must.

The only thing keeping the hammer back, on this revolver, is my thumb, the trigger is tripped.
If you shoot me, or jump me or I have a heart attack behind all this stress my thumb slips.
I will guarantee that if you do you will be unemployed.
All four of us will be disappointed if this ends up loud.
This 38 might be no big deal for a couple of swinging dicks like you but would kill Jamie or I, oops me.
Nod your head if you agree, Jamie.

Damn It Not at Them.

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Coming Attractions- Depending on My Mood and Your Votes 08/04

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