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Women taking Pics

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Women Taking Pics


Like a snake in the grass

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I Sea What I See

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Years ago I was lucky enough to spend time, most of a year,  in SE Colorado- Sure Everyone Loves the Mountains, But there is a beauty on the prairie that often reminded me of the sea. I suppose the bell on the dog also sounds like a harbor to me. This was not taken in Colorado.

I love a sunrise

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24 April, 2012 22:21

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Hand to Hand

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Will I ever make another?

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She is not a SEXY little White Girl So THERE IS NO NEED TO PANIC- but Shelbi is Missing

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No she wasn’t on some exotic vacation, no she’s not some cutesy white girl-
turns out there is a name for this “Missing white woman syndrome” as opposed to the inactivity of surrounding missing black girls. 
Hell she may not even be a cheer leader or a beauty pageant finalist….
The odds of you seeing this story on Fox or CNN are minimal…
The odds that she needs some help are overwhelming. The hell her people must be going through is unimaginable. I don’t know her, I do know a shirt-tale relative of hers who is good people by any accounting.
This is the real deal- check the national website

Google Natalee Holloway and you’ll see almost 2 million mentions now pull the name of some brown kid off the site above and  see how many hits you get.


Case Type: Endangered Runaway 

DOB: Jul 17, 1995
Sex: Female
Missing Date: Aug 24, 2011
Race: Black
Age Now: 16 
Missing City: DELRAY BEACH Missing State :  FL Missing Country: United State
Height:  5’1″ (155 cm)  Weight:  140 lbs (64 kg)
Hair Color: Blacks Eye Color: Brown 
Case Number: NCMC1178727
Circumstances: Both photos shown are of Shelbi. She may still be in the local area or she may travel to Daytona Beach, Florida. Shelbi has a scar near her left eye.


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All of these pictures taken w/ the BBerry Camera… Maybe not all, I do carry a little CoolPix. I really have no desire to own or carry a finer camera.

I may have posed a few of the pics- ie the bird on the hood of my truck and I’m holding one of the dead rats.

Sorry that so many of them are dead: It’s hard to get close enough to live animals to make the BBerry effective.

Rodents- Found a whole bunch of rats on my property this spring that someone had baited.

Birds- Fall from the sky

Owl Castings- The raptors have returned in force, but I don’t know, for certain, what burrow the bones are around but did sight what can only have been a ferret in that area last week and as I understand it it would have to be feral. There are a lot less cat’s this year in this field and I’m wondering if the ferret has something to do with this.

Bugs- some of them are beautiful.

Eggs- I’ve always loved that color

I put down the wounded bunny; Pick up and examine animals dead and alive- Be a Guy.

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9-11 I had a Camera that Day

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I’m driving down the road talking on the phone and look up to see smoke from the North Tower. I ask the guy on the other end if he’s heard anything about a fire at the World Trade Center. He hadn’t. After our conversation  I tune to 1010WINS  to hear that a sightseeing plane hit the WTC. I call one of my employees who informs me that an engineer in the building, where he is, saw the plane coming down the river and that it was a commercial jet. I get to thinking of the assassination of Massoud the Lion of Panjshir and the dynamiting of the Buddhas. I grab my camera and take a few shots, turn the radio back on, and out of the corner of my eye, see the south tower hit.

I end up stopped, with the rest of the inbound traffic, at the causeway leading to the Queens Midtown Tunnel. We’re watching in silence for the most part.

I notice a brown-skinned Pakistani or Indian looking Dial Car Driver and wonder “Am I the only one thinking this?” I walk over to him and say that I know he had nothing to do with this; but I can’t vouch for the feelings of the rest of the crowd. He bursts into tears, insists he had nothing to do with this and asks what he should do.  I suggest he goes home, locks his doors, turns off the lights and keeps his head down for a few days.

I head back home and on the way, withdraw cash  from the bank, fill up my tank, buy 1,000 rounds of rifle ammunition and a dark gray suit.  I tell the poor kid at the gas station, that day, that the Bill of Rights is going to take a beating

Being wired into the NYC Construction industry I know there were no volunteers working on the recovery by 9.13; the unions clamped it all down tight starting that evening. I know terrible stories that poison the overall valor of most “First Responders”. I think it was criminal to send firemen into the towers with hoses that were just set dressing.  A friend announced she was going downtown to cook for the volunteers. I still feel badly about asking, “What volunteers? The only volunteers are those handing out free meals and clothing to people on the clock”. I know firsthand that a lot of Laborers, Cops and Firemen took home boots, pants and jackets sized too small for them and that a lot of the children of these Heroes were color coordinated that Christmas in browns by Timberland and Carhart.

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