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Don’t think the world was ready for a 54-year-old Spiderman– Even if Peter Parker is Dead.

Hand to Hand 2.1

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I am fond of this little camera- 95% found items. I practice an arcane art; tracking. I find and see things others don’t. I find owl castings in tall grass.

I have never found and arrow head. I mentioned this once in a Pennsylvania field and one of the guys with whom I’m hunting says “Like this” as he bends down and comes up with a beautiful little white one.

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For a brutal assessment of my opinion on photographers see this.

Cicada & Spider

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Soon the Cicadas will quiet and the Owl that Roosts outside my Bedroom will be back. Found this one at my old elementary school-

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img 20110811 00053

Don’t think the world was ready for a 54-year-old Spiderman– Even if Peter Parker is Dead. Walking NYC and this little guy alighted on my neck



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Enjoying the heck out of  Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything, 
Just as was discussed in “Manthropology” there is a decline in our desire and ability to memorize since the advent of the written word. Of course prior to the writing one had to take the narrator’s word for it in re what an actual bona fide recitation occurred. In any case while memorization as a skill set has been denigrated in education are calculating “tricks” we, or at least anyone reading this online, all agree that the amount of facts we now memorize is deminimus compared to what we carried around in past years. A few months ago I reposted an item about Degree accreditation on a construction management board asking if it is really necessary in a world where the library of congress is accessible on a device smaller than a pack of smokes and it generated hundreds of comments. [This outpouring may say as much about the economy as it does about the subject.]
Froer’s characters are for the most part practitioners of an arcane and lost art- memorization. He does meander on occasion to discuss the rare “Rain Man“. Me my memory is awful- 20 years ago I knew 100 telephone numbers rote, today I have my children’s written on a card in my wallet in case I lose my phone.

img 20110815 00112

Usama, Seals and Peter King

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Bad Stuff- Katrina Insanity- Update

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August 5, 2011

A federal jury on Friday convicted five current or former police officers in the deadly shootings on a New Orleans bridge after Hurricane Katrina.

All five officers were convicted of charges stemming from the cover-up of the shootings. The four who had been charged with civil rights violations in the shootings were convicted on all counts.

However, the jury didn’t find that Brisette or Faulcon’s shootings amounted to murder.

“Prosecutors contended in closing arguments that officers shot unarmed people without justification and without warning, killing two people and wounding four others Sept. 5, 2005, and then embarked on a cover-up involving fabricated witnesses, falsified reports and a planted gun.”

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this- Katrina was an epic tragedy. Maybe in 20 years we will laugh about how whites fired shots in the air to attract attention and blacks were sniping at rescue helicopters.

How whites were survivalists and blacks were looters.

How the police lost sight of the fundamental creed as expressed by the Coast Guard– “we get paid to go out, not to come home”.

Batting .250

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My Dream Date?
I would like:
1 – to work with people I respect.
2 – my children to want to have me around in a capacity other than mobile ATM.
3 – to have a woman I want to come home to.
4- to have a dog that comes when I whistle.

If I was a base baller I’d be happy w/ .250

Coming Attractions- Depending on My Mood and Your Votes 08/04

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(some of) My Father’s Women

Tattoos are no longer Macho

Brian Watkins, Colin Ferguson, Bernhard Goetz,  Giffords and Anders Behring Breivik- American Fantasy and Reality

The Mean Version of the Fashion Story


Tool Kit

Weld Like a Farmer

Carry a Weapon/Paranoia is Awareness

Any Fool Can Pull a Trigger- It Takes Character to Push a Knife

Does God have a Favorite Color?

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“When the Rev. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson discussed on television whether the 9/11 attacks were God’s punishment on feminists, gays and secularists, God should have sued them for defamation.

Earlier, Mr. Falwell opined that AIDS was “God’s judgment on promiscuity.” “

Executions should be televised

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” Yet a functioning democracy demands maximum accountability and transparency. As long as executions remain behind closed doors, those are impossible.”
Absolutely- and somewhere I have an old skit discussing how the legislators should be executioners- I’ll try and find it.

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