Be A Guy

standup2p indeed……

I like a urinal- urinals are one of the best things about being a man.

Years ago in Men’s Rooms around America bored, stoned & inebriated I started unscrewing and pocketing the supply stop caps…. Now the caps snap off and are disappearing with the popularity of automatic flush units & water-less units.

[Side Note: did get in a little bit of a shit list once behind the advice I gave one of my sons.  Doing the environmental unit in elementary school and he asked me about saving water and I advised that I never flush the urinal in public toilets for two reasons:

1- The guy behind me probably will.

2- The guy behind me took his hand off his dick to operate the valve.

So it got to back to me that I had suggested never flushing or washing hands…..]


You have to understand that pissing out quarts of beer took time and sometimes if I was a repeat customer I had already read all the graffiti.

So I took them home or left them in the vehicle…..

And what? Tossed them in the recycling?

In the last few years I’ve started hiding a coin behind the cap…..

Don’t know why it took me so long to start clicking.

It’s a little tricky, popping off the cap, placing a coin and taking the picture without attracting some odd sideways glances.

Queens Blvd, Woodside

Huntington, NY

Comments? Questions? Observations?

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