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Drink Like You Want to F*** a Stranger.2

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Let’s get out front- Steubenville & Torrington were wrong.
Wrong that girls got raped, wrong that children were drinking, wrong that kids were provided with booze and places to drink it.
Not just wrong- illegal.

Now let’s talk about adults.
I come from the age of dinosaurs when you could sign contracts, vote, get drafted and drink at 18 and I’m still of the opinion that then is when you attain your majority.
I observe that the elephant in the living room of most of the stories that concern ambiguous sex revolve around liquor.

The latest saw making the rounds is the Who Are You? video that comes out of New Zealand and seems confusing as hell to me and leaves all sorts of questions unanswered.
The players seem  adult enough to live without parents. The star is  a catwalk thin blond, who dyes her eyebrows brown, hotsy-totsy drinking like she wants to fuck a stranger and getting her wish or in an alternate world having her virtue saved by adoring sycophants; a Fairy Tale where the princess is saved from a fate worse than death.

Was this PSA underwritten by some brewer’s cabal?
Is she saved from rape or from the embarrassment of awaking with someone who’s name she can’t recall?
Is the flatmate safe, sober & studying because she wears spectacles & a sweatshirt?
[What would have happened had the flatmate decided to attend that lecture with her co-worker at the co-op?
Is the dude a rapist because he’s kind of ethnic looking?
Would a stud of similar Aryan stock been an appropriate fling for the princess?
Is the best friend not in the same jackpot because she is hefty?
Is the bartender a cock-blocking rascist because he pulls the best friend away from the black dude?
Is the best friend stuck drinking with a black dude because she’s hefty? Well not really hefty, but not as svelte as her BFF?
Is the Asian incapable of stepping up because he’s, well let’s face it, an effete Asian?
Is it OK to treat the heroine childishly and assume her incapable of making her own bad decision because she’s a blond?

Why does The Prom Queen’s Court absolves her of personal responsibility?
What investment do we have in her virtue?
Who are these people that want to interfere with he God given right to make mistakes? 
I’m not her conscience- but it certainly seems like see sets out to Drink Like She Wants to Fuck a Stranger.

Is there any part of this skit that is an anti-booze PSA? There seems to be nothing about substance abuse at the Who Are You? Website.

Regretable Sex starts in the Barroom, Not the Bedroom.
A DWI starts on the Barstool, Not in the Driver’s Seat.
And on April Fools Day I heard back from the people who brought us this drama
I had asked:

Are your videos underwritten by the liquor industry….

The analogy would be a video suggesting people who run extension cords under the carpet keep a fire extinguisher handy.
And Clare nicely replied:
Thanks for your e-mail query. Our short film is a collaborative effort between various media, police and sexual violence prevention and support organisations in Wellington, New Zealand. We have not received funding or input from the liquor industry.
Our message is not actually about alcohol consumption. We want to suggest that whilst enjoying a night out in town and when alcohol is involved, there are a number of things that people can be aware of in order to help keep others safe. The short film offers a number of characters that people can identify with and shows a number of opportunities for characters to check in with the girl to make sure everything’s alright. Our message is really about being an ‘ethical bystander’.
Please feel free to ask additional questions if I haven’t answered your query completely. Thank you for taking the time to better understand our campaign and our message.
Clare Green
“Who Are You?” Steering Committee
A Nice Reply

Am I just another Macho victim blamer? (see below)

It has been suggested that I don’t get a lot of traffic because I don’t engage my audience.
[What audience?]
Were I to ask questions at the end of my pieces I would get more referrals.
[Ladies have you ever jumped a guy’s bones because he owned a chainsaw?]
If I were to speak to my insecurities I might get more interactions.
[Is it possible that my hammering is symptomatic of the toxic male’s inability to communicate unless it is in a percussive manner?]
And I don’t ask nicely.
[Please stroke my ego by adding a comment and pave the way to my appearance on the Daily Show by sharing this.]

Colleges are seeing sexual assault where it doesn’t exist while letting dangerous men go free.

Comments? Questions? Observations?

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