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The Optional Steubenville Post- Draft.2

In Did You See This?, Fleshed Out Tweets on March 23, 2013 at 3:54 pm

Official seal of Steubenville, Ohio

I reject the concept of toxic masculinity and resent the living shit out of it even being up for discussion.

I also reject the ideas that all Micks are drunks, Pollacks are stupid, Squareheads are dense, Blacks are shifty and Mexicans are lazy…. And I reject the idea that there aren’t crimes committed by gays, that gays aren’t as messed u as the rest of it. If there is a lesson that is coming out of Torrington and Steubenville it includes that young women can be shits, too.

I’m casting around for some explanation of the what happened at Steubenville, there has to be something other than football and penises at work here. These are kids who did womething evil, I’m not sure they are evil. Here’s an evil kid- meet T.J. Lane ” “This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. F— all of you.”

So I observe vis Steubenville at GMP

In a future, hopefully not too distant, when more NFL players have come out of the closet The next generation’s Mays & Richmond can simply have sex with each other and by-pass the drunken female beard.

And someone comes back with.
“Hahahaha. A rape joke AND a gay joke all in one.
How the heck did this get past moderation!?”

And I wonder where that comes from and who the hell is she to question my opinions and reply.
“Where is the joke?
I’m completely serious.”

And it just gets ugly…

I’m guessing that 1/2 the problem is that I’m a straight white man, unapologetically.

Yes @____________ that is exactly what I suspect- perhaps you can fill me in on where my reasoning goes amiss.

I’m really peeved that my original comment seems to have been yanked.
90 % of my life I’ve been paid piece work – I don’t go for unnecessary verbiage.
I wrote something along this line.

I suspect most fag-bashes of having unresolved homosexual issues.
I suspect men who concurrently or serially having sex with the same woman of are gay or bi.

Why @_________ feels she is more inside the heads of Mays & Richmond and there ilk than I am is something she might want to explain.
What makes it improbable that they might be gay?
Growing up in a small town?
Playing football?
Doing something violent?
Are your gay guys all weak wristed pacifist urban hipsters?

I leave off with
Let’s try and keep a civil tongue in our heads. I’m surprised _______’s gaslighting F bomb got past moderation- but then suspect the moderators know me and understand thst with a revolver and a Rambo knife you would also need a stick and to pack lunch if you were looking to intimidate me.

There is nothing I stated that is homophobic.
There is nothing I said that should be construed to mean that I think sex and rape are synonymous.
I merely suggested that when gay NFL players come out of the closet, in some small way a certain percentage of Steubenville type assaults may be avoided.
I am a few days past 56 and I’ve been a male every fucking day of my life, so I have a certain level of understanding of the species.
I have corns older than some of you.
I have experience of adolescents and athletes that is in excess of 40 years.
I know that just as the majority of people I know are pretty good, the majority
HS athletes are nice people.
I knew a fag basher in my home town who evidently is now a lot happier with his husband. The assailants depicted in “Boogie Nights” were not as fictitious as ET.

I beat around the bush a bit earlier- I believe that there is, very much, a gay component to the eroticism when 2 men are having sex with the same woman at the same time. I’m not criticizing what 3 people might do. Oh, sorry, and 2 women with one guy are probably panting over each other as well.
Similarly, I feel there is a gay component to guys tag teaming, riding a train, going for sloppy seconds or what ever that is called in polite society.

I can imagine that in some, albeit misguided, way Mays and Richards thought they were having sex with their victim. My hypothesis is that they, or more accurately fools like them, who participate in dual rape really would rather have sex with one another. Just as I think a, large, percentage of people who engage in threesomes are in denial about the crux of their sexuality.

Now in re myths.
It is no myth that many children are confused, angry, in denial and bewildered at being gay and consequently engage is risky, dangerous and destructive behavior: Hopefully, the stigma is being peeled away and the shame with it. Anyone who denies that this is so has their head in the sand. This antisocial behavior is another leg of my idea that the actions at Steubenville might have something to do with negative socialization of the love that dares not…..
It is a myth that there aren’t gays in small towns. That gays aren’t playing football, basketball, softball and/or the tuba is an absurd idea. That there aren’t gays capable of the same degradations to their fellow humans that the rest of the population are is on some level an insult to their essence. Not all gays are that confused librarian living with his mother as depicted on stage & screen.

And what does FFS mean?

Comments? Questions? Observations?

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