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Please This Can’t Be Right

In Did You See This?, Fleshed Out Tweets on September 18, 2012 at 5:50 pm

This weeks Top Ten Search Engine Terms that brought my adoring public to standup2p-# 10 “fat lumber fuck” WTF does that mean?

1 rattan cane
2 victorian spanking
3 brian brazeal tools
4 does god have a favorite color?
5 black girl with a white name
6 colin ferguson
7 push girls
8 craftsman h circle ratchet value
9 “hankering for history”
10 fat lumber fuck


I am consistently amazed at how much I like Photography- 11 years ago it was lucky I had a camera & now I’m rarely without one.

I really have no idea if my photos are seen by anyone.


Secularists are not atheists- not by a long shot & neither are agnostics.

Jimmy Breslin may not have coined the phrase, but I credit him “When proof comes in the door, faith flies out the window.


Well worth reading-

The Congo has taken a Fucking as badly as any place on earth. NPR: Yet Again, Congo Faces The Specter Of Civil War- King Leopold’s Ghost and the world calls the US rascists -More at NPR

If anyone read this I might get flack….

There are a few turning points for me vis the absurdity of rascism:

1 The morning that two tapers carved each other up, at a Rock Center job, with Spackle knives over the Czech & Slovak division of the old Czechoslovakia.  We were amazed s they seemed to be the same brand of Pollack to us.

2 Tutsis & Hutus – come on, these are not some made up appellations for a racist joke? And then it got worse- evidently these people self identify or are marked by enemies with machetes to decide which side they are on.


What is there to say about this tidbit?

Black Men Survive Longer In Prison via @goodmenproject I don’t know what to say, just don’t know…

  1. Thank God I beat “fat lumber fuck!
    @ Hank- indeed, how that got someone here escapes me….


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