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I hate to endorse Amazon- but it provides easy links
Samuel Hearne  was a driven man  the first white to visit Canada’s interior. After two unsuccessful attempts, on his third trip he was the only European in the party. He travels for years with an ax, awl, musket and knife. [A friend talks about how his attitude, when he was making money,   was “pack light, there are always stores there  if you need something”. Not where Hearne went “pack light we’ll kill or make what we want.] “The group also included eight of Matonabbee‘s wives to act as beasts of burden in the sledge traces, camp servants, and cooks.” So basically by the time I’m done reading this even the women are tougher than I. He also recorded the massacre of a group of Inuit by his Cree cohorts [This incident and the wanton waste of animal parts and the women as dray animals drove various apologist believers in the solidarity and innate fairness of the Noble Red Man nuts at various points in the past 250 years.]
Four Against the Arctic: Shipwrecked for Six Years at the Top   This is the story of Russian peasants shipwrecked on an Arctic Island for 6 years, not only do they survive, they leave the island rich, having killed dozens of polar bears with a lance and hundreds of reindeer and walrus. For years this tale was dismissed as just too fabulous- until you consider that the skills they brought to play were the same ones they had been using all of their lives. And incidentally these are the kinds of skills that I aspire to.
South with the Sun: Roald Amundsen, His Polar Explorations, and the Quest for Discovery 
Of all the Polar Explorers– Amundsen was the most pragmatic, he ate his sled dogs when they became super and successful. He is the one guy who’s expeditions I believe I could have traveled with. 
Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage 
Ernest Shackleton‘s greatest mistake as a Brit explorer was living through the loss of the Endurance and bringing his crew home. Had he died his face would be on money
Manthropology– forget the fantastic feats of memory, strength and endurance and get your head around the 50 pound sledge hammers in use 150 years ago.
The Perfect Storm Yes I know about  the Fishermen, tough enough guys certainly. Concentrate on the pararescue swimmers who are still considered as candidates for survival after 72 hours in the ocean during a storm with 50′ waves.
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